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DK Lasertechnik - POLISH manufacturer of laser equipment
ultrafast laser marking and engraving
Equipment and laser systems
laser cutting and engraving
Universal use in industry and advertising
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Laser Plotters
Galvo marking system

Laser plotter FlashLaser

Equipped with laser tube 10-400W
Lasers CO2 [ . . . read more . . . ]

Technology CO2 lasers with a wavelength of 10'600 nm allows cutting and engraving materials such as plexiglass, wood, leather, plastic, glass.

Because of its low cost and versatility earned a permanent place in industrial companies and advertising.

Because of the way the laser beam control are two types of equipment that use laser:                           

-type plotter (universal equipment)                                                                                                      

- type galvo for marking / engraving / cutting  (The device several times faster engraving of the design of the plotter)

In our offer you can find plotters and galvo system marking different strengths.                                                   

As we are a manufacturer in / on equipment we can provide configuration " to the client" for specific applications.

The most popular model of laser plotter because of its quality and price. Through the use advanced electronics and mechanics of the laser beam is directed to the desired path on the workpiece to form a focused laser beam to cut or engrave.

Our unit is equipped with modern components from the laser head, and ending with advanced electronics and software.Laser communicates with the PC via the USB interface which ensures interoperability with both desktop and laptop computers.If the customer has no direct way to connect your computer to the device data can move through silicon disk called. Pendrive.

As an accessorywe offer rotary table is used for treatment of round parts such as cups, pens, rollers, etc.The work surface is lowered electrically, which provides processing elements such as a large amount of engraving on wooden crates.


Machine name FlashLaser - laser plotters
Laser power 10W to 400W
Laser type CO2, 10'600nm, glass resonator DC made in china, glass resonator DC made in england or metal resonator RF made in USA
Working area 600mm x 400mm, 900mm x 600mm, 1200mm x 800mm
Power supply 230V 50Hz or 110V
Table through YES
Maximum thickness of material to 400mm - working table up/down electricaly
Communication USB or pendrive





  • Overlay on the table a "honeycomb"
  • Compressor to assist air cutting
  • Exhaust gas discharge + tube "spiro"
  • Integrated laser cooling system
  • Control software in English version
  • User manula and CE certificate
  • Electrical up/down working table
  • Ilumination of the working area
  • Red dot pointer



Sample applications

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