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DK Lasertechnik - POLISH manufacturer of laser equipment
ultrafast laser marking and engraving
Equipment and laser systems
laser cutting and engraving
Universal use in industry and advertising
Hot wire thermal cutter StyroPlot
thermal cutting of materials
For advertising and industry

Laser Plotters

Laser plotter FlashLaser

Flash Laser - laser plotter CO2 - cuting - engraving

The most popular model of laser plotter because of its quality and price. Through the use advanced electronics and mechanics of the laser beam is directed to the desired path on the workpiece to form a focused laser beam to cut or engrave.

Laser plotter LasertechnikPro

Lasertechnik PRO - laser plotter CO2 - cutting

Laser plotter Lasertechnik Pro is a modern device with advanced electronics, mechanical and optical properties.It is the result of our many years of experience in working with devices using laser technology.

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