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Laser Plotters
Galvo marking system

Laser plotter LasertechnikPro

Equipped with laser tube 10-400W
Lasers CO2 [ . . . read more . . . ]

Technology CO2 lasers with a wavelength of 10'600 nm allows cutting and engraving materials such as plexiglass, wood, leather, plastic, glass.

Because of its low cost and versatility earned a permanent place in industrial companies and advertising.

Because of the way the laser beam control are two types of equipment that use laser:                           

-type plotter (universal equipment)                                                                                                      

- type galvo for marking / engraving / cutting  (The device several times faster engraving of the design of the plotter)

In our offer you can find plotters and galvo system marking different strengths.                                                   

As we are a manufacturer in / on equipment we can provide configuration " to the client" for specific applications.

Laser plotter Lasertechnik Pro is a modern device with advanced electronics, mechanical and optical properties.It is the result of our many years of experience in working with devices using laser technology.

One of the important innovations in comparison to a conventional laser plotter is that the radius of the beam exiting from the laser tube is directed towards the laser head by only one reflecting mirror.This provides a much lower power dissipation compared to standard solutions, so we can save energy and it is not necessary to use a high-power laser tubes.

Working table our devices with dimensions 1500 x 2000 [mm] was specifically increased in relation to the plotter FlashLaser to receive more field work. The following table is a further stiffening special design that reduces vibration during the construction of their own work and work to improve the accuracy of the plotter.

The mechanical design is made of solid aluminum Swiss company Kanya of considerable thickness and high-density, which provides structural rigidity and stability. Moving partsmove in thefirst-classguideswith veryhigh precisionworkmanship which puts the device in the forefront of our devices in its class when it comes to precision.

The optical system is equipped with a professional laser tube made ​​in the USA. This ensures avery high quality plotter laser (Much higher in comparison to the beam obtained from the laser tube made ​​in China with theoretically the same power) and much longer, trouble-free operation. Additionally, you can recharge the laser at a very affordable price, so that we obtain high efficiency of this solution compared to Chinese counterparts.

Laser plotter Lasertechnik Pro is a complete unit, ideal for precise cutting. In combination with professional laser tube provides effective and efficient operation.

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