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Galvo marking system

Galvo CO2 laser marking sysytem - FLMC series

Ultra-fast cutting, marking and engraving
Lasers CO2 [ . . . read more . . . ]

Technology CO2 lasers with a wavelength of 10'600 nm allows cutting and engraving materials such as plexiglass, wood, leather, plastic, glass.

Because of its low cost and versatility earned a permanent place in industrial companies and advertising.

Because of the way the laser beam control are two types of equipment that use laser:                           

-type plotter (universal equipment)                                                                                                      

- type galvo for marking / engraving / cutting  (The device several times faster engraving of the design of the plotter)

In our offer you can find plotters and galvo system marking different strengths.                                                   

As we are a manufacturer in / on equipment we can provide configuration " to the client" for specific applications.

CO2 laser galvo marking are modern devices for optical-mechanical-electronic.

Through the use oftilting mirror, the laser beam is directed at the currently set path on the workpiece to form a focused beam by means of which we can labeled, engrave and cut the workpiece.

Ourlaser devices are equipped with modern components from the laser head and optics with precision mechanical components, and ending with advanced electronics and software.To provideprecise handling of the laser beam used a professional galvo drives with feedback encoder. This ensures the highest possible speed driving beam which results in a very high speed operation. Our machine scanengrave up to 500 - 1200cps. Marking of the above structure is many times faster than a plotter devices resulting in a very high productivity.

Electronics our equipment includes an advanced microprocessor controller based on DSP. As an optional extra we offer a wide range of optional equipment such as:

  • rotary table for handling round materials such as bottles, sticks, rollers, pens, etc.
  • digital read height for easy regulation of focal length lenses.
  • automatic worktable which enlarges the marking of work and at the same time can serve as a machine for marking serial small details.
  • additional lenses ( more working area )
  • automatic feeder and semi-automatic in customer demand
  • class I protective housing
  • "mark on the fly"

Software lets you work with raster and vector graphics. Example, you can perform using the engraving to photography, cut and engrave any geometric elements, etc. The only limitis your imagination.

The control system also allows you to load files from excel, word for fast customization of products such as name plates.

Since we are a manufacturer we can provide efficient service-most of the parts we have in our warehouse. The devices are based on the components of world renowned manufacturers such as: Universal Laser System, Cambridge Technology - USA.


Name galvo laser marking system FLMC
Laser Power 10W, 30W, 50W, 75W, 100W
Laser type CO2, 10'600nm, metal laser tube RF, mede in USA  
Working area depending on the usedlens 
Supply volatge 230V 50Hz or 110V
System poleprzenia promienia beamexpander
Laser cooling system air (fans), wateras an optional








Sample applications

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